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European standard : EN15048 Universal drill Product movies
As of July 1, 2014 the EN 15048 will be a definitive European standard.

Meanwhile, pgb-Europe has long had a full range of stock in both the electronically galvanized version and the hot dip galvanized version (ISO appropriate).

Bolts and nuts are packed together in unopened carton boxes and the label is marked with the CE logo and the necessary references to the standard.

Also on the bolt itself, next to the strength class and head mark stands the "SB" referring to "structural bolting".

Our SHARPWARE multipurpose drills with high capacity are the jack-of-all :

Sharp, multiple cutting edges

Optimal results in a variety of materials

Universal special polishing: drill through a variety of materials without having to change your drill

Fast drilling in hollow brick without breaking the chambers of the perforated brick (rotary use only)

Ideal for interior finishing and renovation


The plug is available in countersunk and cylindrical collar, with hexagon screw and printed-on ring with Tx 40 recess.

The screws are hardened in order to get the best performance. The SMART plug is halogen free and is made from a high quality nylon (PA6).

Optimal ease of use, due to a limited installation depth (70mm) for all lengths.

Thanks to the specific geometry and spread, the SMART plug reaches high pull-out values and anchors itself effortlessly in the most common substrates.


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